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Nexplanon Specialist

Valentine Ugwu, MD, FACOG, MBA -  - OBGYN

VNC RealHealth PLLC

Valentine Ugwu, MD, FACOG, MBA

OBGYN & Family Medicine located in Pearsall, TX

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, long-acting, reversible birth control option, consider Nexplanon®, the birth control implant. At VNC RealHealth in Pearsall, Texas, Valentine C. Ugwu, MD, FACOG, MBA, provides comprehensive birth control care including Nexplanon implantation. Call or schedule a consultation online today to find out if Nexplanon is right for you.

Nexplanon Q & A

What is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon — also referred to as the birth control implant — is a small rod, about the size and shape of a matchstick, that Dr. Ugwu places under the skin of your inner upper arm.

Nexplanon slowly releases the hormone progestin to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. Progestin prevents pregnancy in two ways: It thickens your cervical mucus, making it impossible for sperm to reach your uterus to fertilize one of your eggs, and it can stop ovulation, and if there’s no egg release, you can’t get pregnant.

Nexplanon is extremely effective, and you don’t need to think about it after Dr. Ugwu implants the device in your arm. And while it’s long-acting, Nexplanon is also quickly reversible. Dr. Ugwu can remove your birth control implant at any time and your ability to become pregnant returns almost immediately.

What should I expect while using Nexplanon?

Dr. Ugwu implants the Nexplanon device in your arm with a quick procedure. He uses a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort during insertion. You may have a little tenderness or swelling at the injection site for a day or two, but it should subside quickly.

You don’t need to think about birth control until you need to replace your implant or you’re ready to take it out and try to get pregnant. Nexplanon doesn’t protect you from STDs, so if you’re having sex with a new partner or want to take extra precautions, you should still use a barrier form of birth control such as condoms.

Am I a good candidate for Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is suitable for almost all women. However, if you have liver disease, unexplained vaginal bleeding, or any cancer that is sensitive to progestin — such as breast cancer — talk to Dr. Ugwu about other birth control options.

Are other birth control options available if Nexplanon isn’t right for me?

Dr. Ugwu offers comprehensive birth control consultations to identify the best birth control to meet your needs. In addition to Nexplanon, he can prescribe birth control pills, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and birth control injections.

If you want to talk to Dr. Ugwu about Nexplanon or other birth control options, call VNC RealHealth or make an appointment online today.